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CollaborateIT is an annual conference highlighting the value of technology as we address community thoughts and ideas centered around collaboration and I.T. Each year we bring together local leaders that have a common mission and vision to make Oshkosh a vibrant hub for technology.

Amplify Oshkosh is a group of people working to Amplify the awareness of opportunities surrounding all aspects of I.T. in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. We hope to foster a diverse environment where open sharing of best practices and emerging technologies is encouraged!

collaboration showcase

Featuring regional IT industry collaborations that are changing the way we work! This session will feature 7 minute presentations from local community members who will demonstrate and explain how they are using technology to move their business forward and how you can leverage similar technology.

collaboration works panel discussions

Featuring regional education leaders and I.T. leaders from the Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks, these two facilitated panel discussions will give us a greater understanding of I.T. career pathways and how I.T. impacts Wisconsin “Game Day” Sports.

2017 Keynote Speaker: John McElligott

john-mcelligottJohn McElligott has always had a passion for helping and improving the quality of life of others. As a Marine, he was employed as a combat engineer during 9/11. Specializing in demolitions, explosives, construction and engineering, he also served as a SAW (squad automatic weapon) gunner and ultimately Squad leader. John was honorably discharged with the rank of Sergeant.

As Co-Founder of Royal Square Development and CEO of the Squared Collective, John spearheaded technology, marketing, community engagement and investor relations as well as being a driving force in Business and Economic Development. Helping to grow the company from 4 employees to nearly 40 in 18 short months he also worked on the acquisition and development of more than 50 properties in downtown York including but not limited to the $1,650,000 Bond Building project and most recently the $14,000,000 Market Street Revitalization Project.



Past Events

Innovate IT
November 15, 2016
Location: UW Oshkosh Alumni & Welcome Conference Center
Keynote Speaker: JOHN MCELLIGOTT
Work IT
November 17, 2015
Location: Oshkosh Convention Center
Keynote Speaker: SETH MATTISON